Yi Chen




People tend to pay attention to tangible things, like a wound on one's face, while intangible things are easily neglected, like mental health or abusive words. Most of the time, perpetrators forget what they said or did quickly, and the victims suffer their trauma for many years.

To change this unfair situation. I picked the most iconic liar as the model and decided to make a statue. Every time he lies, a part of his body loses integrity. The message behind this project is, "Liars can't disguise anymore. Their words betray them." But I don't want to make it sublime, so I picked Pez as the plinth.

After I finished the initial design, I decided to 3d print this statue. Each statue took me 14 hours to print, and the whole process took me more than 100 hours to go through tons of trial and error and reach the final mass production. In the end, my friends and I sell these statues to raise money for charity.