Thais Chu


Jardin Wine Label

Spring 2020

Jardin is a concept project in which I have created a French label that specializes in refining wine to enhance naturally occurring floral aromas. My work intends to highlight each signature flower within their respective gardens throughout the collection. The identity is reversible to signify the nature of and relationship between red and white wine. The logo, labels, and patterns have been custom-designed and hand-drawn. I kept the design black and white to maintain a modern look that highlights the pattern and forms. A barcode is included on a sticker at the bottom of the bottle for easy scanning.

What's Unique?
This piece is a reinterpretation of the more traditional vine decorations often seen on wine packaging. I created a modern spin by keeping the line weight consistent. In addition, the brand's focus on floral aromas in wine is unique. I have not yet seen a wine producer highlight the floral aromas through their brand message.