Sydney Zeldis


Apocalypse Eventually


Apocalypse Eventually is an immensely personal and stylized rendering of my psyche, brought to you in the form of a non-traditional website. In summary, it is a non-functioning arcade containing three punny machines that lead to three different pages that continue to explore themes of pollution, monotony, and feelings of impending doom. There is also a bonus archive containing images of my photography and illustrations that have been used throughout the semester.

As a designer I intend to bridge the gap between front and back end development. There seems to be a norm of graphic designers who prototype and separate developers who code. I aim to design from the inside out in order to create fully functioning web content. Apocalypse Eventually was built from scratch using CSS and JavaScript to manipulate my own vector graphics. If more people with design backgrounds took control over both design and development I believe the Internet would be a much more interesting place.