Mari Hosho


Traveler’s Collage


Traveler's Collage"" started in 2010 when I was accepted into an exchange program to study at a university in the Netherlands. As someone from a country surrounded by the sea, one of the most exciting things was to travel to another country by road trip. At the time, I was a student with no money to buy a good camera, and although I wanted to invite my family during my stay, my mother was unable to come due to a serious illness. So, I decided to collect bits and pieces of every city I visited.

Over the past 13 years, my collection has grown to include over 120 cities in 30 countries, and it continues to grow today. During the process of documenting these cities, I became curious about how outsiders could understand the culture of exotic places from a local's perspective.

The 2022 version of Traveler's Collage is a handmade digital collage that provides a platform for people to experience virtual travel through my eyes. For this digital version, I have archived 10 cities from around the world that have inspired, surprised, and influenced me in my life.

If you flip through the collage, you will see how different each city can be in terms of color, typography, usage of photography, and more. Just like I did, you will realize that these differences add up to shape the uniqueness of each city.