Leslie Kay Lim




Object-ive is a series of miniature booklets that explores the creative processes of various artists by examining them through the lens of a tool key to the practice. The project took shape as a manifestation of a semester-long investigation into how concrete objects can ground us and help in processing abstract experiences.

For this iteration, artists of different mediums – including a photographer, musician and illustrator – were interviewed about their creative pursuits and were asked to talk about their “object” within a larger context of making. From why they first picked it up, to the muscle memory it invokes, the camera, microphone and digital pen, respectively, act as approachable entry points for the conversation.

In addition to the conceptual, the tool also serves as a literal introduction. The booklets, which each feature a different artist, are designed with cut-outs in the shape of the specific object. It first highlights the object before its technical specifications are presented, but then reappears on various pages to act as a window through which to take a peek, enticing readers to turn the page and enter within. The cover and back cover also similarly contain perforations that reveal a glimpse of the artist’s name and a compelling quote from their interview.

Presented in bright, cheerful hues and hand-bound with three-hole pamphlet stitching, the booklets’ relatively small scale – only measuring 3.5 by 5 inches – also adds to the accessibility and intimacy of the reading experience.