Denisa Denisa Haas


In the Moment


It’s 2020, the middle of a pandemic. Due to the unknown future outcome, people feel scared and find themselves reevaluating their lives. They are not in control of anything happening outside their four walls, and with a lack of social interaction, they are getting more in touch with their inner selves, reassessing what is important to them and what is not.

Relationships are being modified and/or reframed, and the items people have in their spaces play an essential role in comforting them and physically projecting their state of being. Our relationship with “things” has dramatically evolved or shifted overnight. For that reason, the value of things has been transformed.

The trauma that 2020 brought to the world created an enormous gap in how people perceive their surroundings and value their “things.” As a result, I developed a website that gathers what people have decided to keep or discard and their testimonies. What is essential and what is not. The continuous exploration and update of the collection will help us understand how people relate to this moment and how they will correspond to new objects and future relationships.