Brooke Shapiro


a. Is that You? b. Choose


Pants or shorts?
Blue or Green?
Polyester or Wool?
Does this match? Or not?
White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
Croissant or Granola?
Too much or too little?
Walk or Bus?
Soft or Firm?
Quiet or Speak?
Simple or Complex?
Acceptable or Unacceptable?
Run or Bike?
Gym or Lounge?
Book or Movie?
Keep or Purge?
Broccoli or Bacon?
Sedan or Sports Car?
Stay or Go?
Spend or Save?
Text or Call?
Listen or Ignore?
Music or Podcast?
Today or Tomorrow?
Beach or Mountains?
Rent or Buy?
10% vs. 25%?
Quantity or Quality?
Accept or Reject?
Joint or separate?
Proceed or Think Again?
End or Continue?

How does the environment around us influence our choices?
How do the choices we make influence who we become?