Annachiara Maffezzoli


Travel Memories


This project is a travel book collection based on photographs captured during some of the most impactful journeys I had through the years. With these publications I wanted to convey a genuine point of view of what my experiences were and extract from my own family photo archive a story of people, colors and places that will leave a lifelong mark in my memory.

The passion for traveling was transmitted by my family since I was young: my parents have always encouraged me to approach a new country with an open mind, to warmly talk to local people and try local food fearless to understand the culture and the uses of the Country we were visiting. I consider these attitudes a demonstration of respect towards the visited place and also a meeting point between the background you come from and the immersive experience of traveling, which makes us realize what a little space we occupy in this big world (as Flaubert reads).

The publications also want to question the overwhelmed way of archiving photos that we are getting used to scrolling through our iPhones galleries and propose a smooth collection of unforgettable experiences told by the power of photography mixed with bold, colorful and essential type to showcase adventures and memories lived in Kenya, Africa (2013) and L’Havana, Cuba (2015).